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Winter Landscape Paintings By The Masters

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Aspen Trees Oil Paintings - Lori Betz
Aspen Trees Oil Paintings - Lori Betz
Falling Water
Falling Water

Winter landscape paintings are usually created during the colder months of the year. As most murals do, they focus on the natural beauty of the outdoors rather than the people. Often done oil against a surface, the winter landscape paintings usually depict scenes of snow and ice. The more popular scenes are portraits by artists such as Pieter Bruegel the Elder and Cornelius Krieghoff. These artworks have been crafted since the early 15th century, with changing techniques as the art world evolved. Many people purchase such pieces in lithographs or prints in an attempt to save money and own the art.

These works of art share certain traits to classify them as winter landscape paintings. For instance, each is done in a bird’s eye view point. This means that the perspective point is a widely encompassing tableau to show a full scene in the distance. The artists usually use oil as a medium, sketching their scenes onto canvas or wooden panels. The oil lends a texture to the imagery, giving the art a visual appeal. Each piece, however, shows a different story in a different style. The artists’ each used their own techniques.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder created a piece entitled “The Hunters in the Snow”. He was named “the elder” after his eldest son was born and given his name. He was a Flemish artist in the 16th century, and followed a technique inspired by what are now the Malines regions. He created “Hunter in the Snow” in 1565 with oils on a wooden panel. It was one of six in a series, each depicting a different season or occasion. Of the six paintings, five are still around today. The winter landscape paintings show a group of hunters arriving home with nothing but a meager fox in tow. The hunt appears to have been unsuccessful, and the men look disappointed. In the distance, one can see a greatly detailed little town waiting for them.

Hendrick Avercamp was born in Amsterdam, and studied under the teachings of Pieter Issacks. Avercamp was a mute and given the nickname “de Stomme van Kampen”, which means “the mute of Kampen”. One popular piece, entitled “Winter Landscape with Skaters”, was crafted in oil on panels. Produced in 1608, it showed many different people enjoying the snow in their own manner. Their activities ranged from ice skating to ice hockey to hay rides. Cornelius Krieghoff, famous for his snowy scenes, created a piece in 1849. It was entitled “Winter Landscape” and shows a family loading their children into a small sleigh being pulled by a horse for a winter outing. This image was crafted in oil on canvas.

Throughout time, techniques and styles have changed. The artists that create winter landscape paintings each use their own methods learned from masters in different regions. The pieces often depict events such as homecomings or a simple snow day. Art ranges widely in its capabilities, allowing the artist to conjure their own story onto whatever medium and surfaces they prefer.

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