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Van Gogh

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Almost everyone has heard of Vincent Willem Van Gogh.  He was a Dutch impressionst painter that did a lot of great work in his very brief thirty-seven years of life.  His work is so well known that even those who may not consider themselves artistic aficionados still probably have heard of some his more famous works, such as “Starry Night.”  His work is that popular.  It remains among the top pieces that people want to buy in lithograph form or poster. 

Most of the critics say that the artistic works of Van Gogh became increasingly better and better in the twenty-four month period before he died. He was a pioneer among artists who explored modern painting and he will forever have a spot reserved in the history of paintings.  Born in 1853, he forever changed the art world with his ability to insert raw and earnest emotion in his paintings.  The quality and beauty that he portrayed had a very edgy feel to it.  He also liked color.  The bolder the colors were, the more he was likely to incorporate them into his works of art.

Throughout his lifetime Vincent Van Gogh wore many hats.  His first love was always art, but he was also an art dealer, teacher, missionary and pastor.  He also had a large range of talent which was showcased in the fact that he created a lot of works in just one decade’s time, including over two-thousand paintings of which more than two thirds were watercolor prints and self-portraits, as well as sketched drawings.  His very first work was entitled “The Potato Eaters.”  This work was in stark contrast to what his later works would resemble.  He had not yet ventured into the world of the bolder colors and instead worked with mostly earth toned hues.

Ironically, during his lifetime, he only sold one painting.  That painting was entitled, “Red Vineyard at Arles.”  As with many modern artists, most of the fame and value that his works accrued was posthumously.  It was shortly after this work that he encountered the style of impressionist artists in France.  It was in Arles that he learned to take advantage of the ample amounts of sunshine, and his work began to reflect the sunnier side of everything that he saw through the use of extremely bright colorations. 

After the death of Vincent Van Gogh, his works became more acclaimed and recognizable and heralded as artistic genius.  Second to only Pablo Picasso, his works have sold for the most money in the art world.  They are valued highly. 

His life seemed sad and lonely but his truest love was the way that he saw and conveyed the world around him on canvas.  Vincent Van Gogh did not have any heirs.  He had never had any children but he knew that his legacy would live on through the beautiful works of art that he had left behind.  His death was curiously mysterious, and the truth about what happened may never be known, but the beauty that he left behind in the form of sensational art work shines brightly for all to see.

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