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Using Artist Prints

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Extensive advancements in technology has allowed for beautiful artist prints to be available in recent years.  While many people only dream of acquiring fine pieces to accent their home or office décor, there are now other more affordable options to be had.  Artist prints are one of these easily accessible alternatives.  While they are generally mass produced, it allows anyone to get their hands on a famous painting by one of the great historical artists in history without losing the overall essence of the picture.

When obtaining a painting in this form, the differences from an original piece are quite clear, yet they truly maintain the detail and overall mood of the picture.  While an original or oil painting replica will have visible sketch lines and brushstrokes, artist prints are generally produced using a photographic transfer process which results in a smooth, printed look.  Painters handcraft each of their original pieces, whereas this modernized version of their paintings are reproduced in high quantities utilizing a computer and specialized printing machine.  In addition, this type of duplication gives the picture clean edges, which may not be the case on the canvas of its original.  When reproduced on a high quality machine, the true colors and overall appearance of the masterpiece will still be visible to enjoy.

Limited Edition pieces are commonly sought out by both collectors and the mainstream buyer.  These can be either original pieces or mechanical reproductions as long as they have been numbered and signed by the creator themselves.  Limited Edition paintings are produced with the same modern technology but have been limited in production.  This aspect greatly increases the value of such a painting.

Computer technology has made much advancement in the availability of paintings, whether produced on a limited basis or not.  Some choose to reproduce an existing piece, while many talented painters and illustrators are even creating their work directly on the computer itself.  A specialized graphic tablet can be used alongside artistry software packages to create digital masterpieces.  With the help of high quality and detailed computer software, authentic and abstract work can be achieved.  Once the final product is made, the modern production process can produce identical artist prints in the quantity and dimensions desired.

One common result of such technology is what is referred to as Giclee.  This type of picture is copied on numerous surfaces including canvas and high quality paper.  Companies specializing in such a technique can reproduce an original while maintaining the visible layers and brushstrokes of the parent painting. Once created utilizing a unique Giclee capable printer, the artist can then touch-up or enhance the computer generated surface to add further detail and texture.  This style of replica shows off the elements the initial painting contained.

As with any creative piece, the level of care is an important aspect of ownership.  While machine generated artist prints may seem as though they require very little maintenance, they must be carefully framed and hung to avoid damage over time.  They must be placed for storage or display purposes in such a location that UV light, dust, and humidity does not affect its appearance or quality.  Such elements can rapidly affect the coloring as well as the materials itself.  When cared for properly, one can be assured that such a fine investment can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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