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"Twelve By Twelve Show"

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Betz Art Gallery Presents the “Twelve by Twelve Show” 2011

     What happens when you give artists a small format and tell them to create anything that they can concieve ?  You get an amazing collection of art work, litterally hundreds of works of art in every medium, color, style. Art patrons wait all year for the return of the “Twelve by Twelve Show”  

The “ Twelve by Twelve Show” is an exhibition of art work in a 12 inch by 12 inch format, and amazing things come in small packages.  Paintings so life like the images seem to lift of the canvas. Everything from vibrant abstracts by popular artists to small sculptures.

Betz Art Gallery, located in the Montrose section of Houston is the place to be on November 30th from 6pm-9pm for the opening reception of "The Twelve by Twelve Show" international juried exhibition to be
held from November 12, 2011, through December 1st , 2011.

 The opening reception for "The Twelve by Twelve Show" will take place from 6-9 p.m. on Saturday, November 12, 2011 so come and meet the artists. "Best of Show" awards will be judged by Jenni Rebecca Stephenson of

Winners of the "Twelve by Twelve" Show are
"Best of Show"- Justin Dunford for "W.S.O."
Second Place- Troy Winscott for " Circus Girl"
Third Place- K. Henderson for " Flight of Fancy"
Honorable Mention-
Marlo Saucedo for " Muse"
Anita Nelson for "Not a Bird Bath"
Kyle Wright for " Untitled #2"

Curated by Karen Keeline, artist and gallerist.                                              Refreshments By:

Participating artists are:

Randall Jobe

Larry Sweich

Carol Watson

Taft McWhorten

Annette Palmer

Francie Baltazara

Kermit Eisenhut

Rod Ban

Frances Gonsoulin

Matt Rodgers

Jill rauchau

Joyce Dorn

Mike Bloom

David Blackwell

Lori Betz

Jason Jefferies


Bonnie Blue

Linda Hardy

Beverly Fritsch

Richard Eastman

Wade Grimes

Maxx Xandau

Troy Jullien

Barbara Harmer

Judy Dekan

Caroline Marcos

Dannye Jones

Tracey Bautista

Hope Wilmarth

Peter Janecke

Anita Nelson

Dinne Griebs

Scott Chui

Sue Donaldson

Albert Nash

Bob Shepherd

George Bibb

Cara Cansler

Lindsay Peyton

Justin Dunford

Shannon Steele

K. Henderson

Joy Beckler

Kyle Wright

Karen keeline

Ann Mcbride

Lori Miglioretti

Ron Gordon

Sergio Santos

George Bibb

Leeanne Domangue

Susan Rutledge

Margo Green

Jonatan Lopez

Lexi Perlaky

Ann Curtis

Corbett Kimball

Victoria Martinez

Laszlo Perlaky

Eileen McClellan

John Manes

Tamara McWhorten

Samantha McWhorten

Ron Masters

Ed Alba

Brenda Kerwin

Ann Curtis

Corbett Kimball

Victoria Martinez

Trish Klenow

Troy Winscott

Joy Beckler-Wren

Cynthia Babbitt

Margit Gergely

Darlene Besier

Susan Pena

Marlo Saucedo

Ann Armstrong

Eileen McClellen

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