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"The Watchers" Lori Betz

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"The Watchers" Lori Betz
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The Watchers (from Greek egrḗgoroi (ἐγρήγοροι)) or Grigori are a group of fallen angels, in the first and second books of Enoch and Jubilees. The word "Grigori" derives from the Slavonic Second Book of Enoch.

The Grigori in celestial form look like very large humans, but humans of such pure spirit that they cannot be mistaken for mortals.
The Grigori were also known as the "Giants," as they were exceptionally tall, with large heads and hands. They are gentle giants, and while quite a few Grigori have by necessity learned the arts of war, they dislike violence, and they especially dislike harming humans.

God created the Grigori, the Eight Choir. And the Archangels saw that the Grigori were ideally suited to watch over mankind and report to them what they saw.

The Grigori were also the only angels who really felt comfortable on Earth, and who didn't mind staying there. This ultimately contributed to their downfall.

It made them very, very effective at their jobs. They knew why humans did evil, why humans acted selfishly, and they knew how to teach people better, without taking away from their free will. And when the demons came, as Heaven knew they would, the Grigori could sense the slightest disturbance, and thus fulfilled their second function: they warned other angels when demons were about. The Horde learned to fear the Watchers, for while the gentle Grigori were no warriors, even the most subtle diabolical tampering could result in a sudden visit from a flight of Malakim. The demons could never be sure they were safe.


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"The Watchers" Lori Betz
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