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The Attraction of Abstract Art Paintings

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Most people can appreciate the visual language found in abstract art paintings. Composition may include color, line, or form that exists completely independent of the visual references commonly used or experienced in life. For instance, a rose may be a rose, but within abstract art paintings, a rose may mean something else entirely. Appreciation of this style has grown significantly in the last couple of decades, but the movement has been around for centuries.

Generally, this style uses imagery to depart from accepted normality within the accepted reality. This departure can range from slight to complete, depending on the artist as well as the piece. A good example of a partial departure may be a sky colored red instead of the accepted blue; a good example of a complete departure would leave the viewer pondering whether the sky was actually a sky at all. This play on realities is just one reason the style is so popular.

There is also a stark difference between lyrical and geometrical abstraction. Upon viewing Ancient Chinese calligraphy, viewers may appreciate its beauty and elegance without even knowing what is being said in the writing. Instead, the lyrical beauty of the calligraphy speaks to the soul. A mosaic is quite wondrous with even lines and circles and a rhyme in the color, but the mosaic in its non-illusionistic space can often speak to a person with its order and geometry.

Figurative abstract art paintings generally depict a very real subject in a surreal form. Usually, this figurative form is only a partial style, with the subject true to form but the colors and shades different than reality. For example, when this style is practiced on figurative women paintings, a woman holding a child may have a collage of purple hues as a skin color making this a partial figurative form.

Post-Impressionism with its vivid colors and often thick brush strokes is an example of what this style has to offer; and Romanticism with its aesthetically pleasing lines and subjects is another great example. Just about any popular form or style can take on the unrealistic or exaggerated qualities that make it considered an abstraction from accepted reality. Of course, not all such styles will appeal to everyone, but there are so many types of this style that anyone can find something to appreciate about it.

Many abstract art paintings can be aquired by purchasing canvas art reproductions, allowing the purchaser to save money while obtaining masterpieces that would be otherwise unattainable. Giclee prints either on canvas or another medium are a preferred method for getting a better quality reproduction with realistic looks and over one hundred years of maintaining the same high quality print. There are numerous ways to get affordable replications, allowing the average person to own and appreciate the artist’s efforts.

When looking for a classy and elegant addition to a home or office, abstract art paintings often allow a free flow of thought and motion through the selected area. Enjoying fine masterpieces means learning to appreciate the reason and rhyme behind altering currently accepted reality to make a point or create new feelings behind old imagery.

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