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A serigraph, or a screen print, is the product of using a stencil and a porous material.  Several artists create them today and they are considered modern art.  They were very popular in the past as well.  The pop art generation made having serigraph pictures an en vogue type of thing.  Even famous artists from that time used the screen printing process to create works of art that will forever be famous.  The merchandising world loves them as well because they are perfect for bags, labels, decals, and more.  This form of art prints has been around for a very long time.  Around the turn of the last century is when it began, and its popularity has been up and down throughout the decades. 

The stenciling origins can be traced back to Japan from an art form called katazome.  The more modern form was used in England in the 1900’s by a man named Samuel Simon.  Finally, it was introduced to America in 1914.  John Pilsworth, a California native, used the process to create multi-colored prints.  The machines and techniques have changed some over the years, but the impact that it made in the art world is still felt today.  A serigraph is still an attention grabber and has passed the test of time.

When a person thinks of a serigraph, more often than not, they think of the one and only Andy Warhol.  Several of his most famous works of art were made using the screen printing process.  Warhol was a pop icon in the 1960’s because of the radical art work that was created.  Warhol very much liked using the screen printing process in order to create these masterpieces.  Nearly everyone can recognize an Andy Warhol painting immediately.  Ever since his fame, there have been many other artists that will say that Warhol was their inspiration.  He brought back the popularity of this kind of art form.  His impact on the art world is still seen today and will continue to be seen for generations to come. 

The industrial world also uses this technique as well.  T-shirt manufacturers all over the world use this to print images and logos on a shirt.  Businesses of all sizes benefit from doing this.  It doesn’t matter if it is a large corporation, or just a one man small business, they can advertise by using the screen print process.  They love using shirts because they are inexpensive to produce and they help spread the name and logo of the company to the public. 

The way this process is performed is really fairly simple.  It begins by using a porous screen that is stretched over a frame.  This material can be silk, polyester, or nylon.  A stencil is used to block the area of the screen that the paint or ink does not need to go on.  It is basically a negative of the image or design that will be put on the screen.  Then the paint or ink is applied in the unblocked areas and is absorbed.  Artists love to make a serigraph because of the creativity in the process, as well as the final results.  This is an art form that will continue to be embraced for many years to come.

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    Hisotry Behind The Serigraph Print
    People see a product that is made by means of a serigraph print multiple times per day, but few know anything about the process. This wide-ranged art form is incredibly versatile that the different industries that use it are all around us, and yet entirely indistinguishable from each other.
    Serigraph Painting Is Also Known As Printing On Screens
    Serigraph painting is also referred to as printing on screens. Color is allowed to go through a stencil that is made of a material such as silk, and it will have sections that hold color and sections that do not.
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