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Seascape Paintings

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Beach Scenes
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Lighthouse Paintings

Perhaps no other image has been captured as often as seascapes.  Everyone loves the ocean and the waves and its mystical allure.  Merely looking at a photograph or painting that captures these giant bodies of water can transport you to a lazy beach on a sunny summer day.  Many people report that, by standing in front of this type of an image, they immediately feel calmer and more relaxed.  It’s no wonder that the popularity of this type of a scene is so high.

Imagine going on vacation and taking many photographs of the ocean from the balcony of your room or villa, and then returning home to have them printed.  You could opt to have your seascapes printed on many different types of surfaces from the traditional photo paper to something much more modern and artistic such as photographic canvas.  Any photo of the ocean would make a lovely printed transfer onto canvas, but it would have so much more meaning and reflection if it were your own picture taken at a time when memories were being made.

Seascapes often include the massive waves as they roll in and out during the day and night.  Many times there will be depictions of snow white beaches and blue waters with white caps.  You also see many of these types of paintings and photos that include seashells on the beach.  Many include seagulls and various types of birds that are indicative of those that are often found by the shore.

Other seascapes include lighthouse paintings on the bank overlooking the majestic ocean and lighting the way for the sailors.  Over the years, this has been a favorite of people who collect this type of art.  Each lighthouse has a story to tell and is extremely unique depending on what area it is located.  Some are historic, and most are now just landmarks as they aren’t used for what they were originally intended any longer. 

Among the many types of seascapes that you will encounter, you will find that there are more than a fair share of them that have captured sunrise and sunset.  There truly is nothing more beautiful than the sun rising over the horizon and reflecting on the ocean bringing with it the promise of another sun filled day.  Of course, sunset is always thought of as being very romantic and inspiring, so you will find many images of this as well.  Sunset often presents various different hues of colors in the sky that contrast well with the ocean and the reflection of the water. 

It is impossible to go into an art shop or any store that carries photographs, paintings, or pictures and not see this type of ocean scene.  These great bodies of water are beautiful whether they are painted in oil or water based paint, photographed and framed, or displayed beautifully on a tapestry or canvas.  No matter how you choose to display and enjoy the roar of the ocean, you can be sure that you are not the only one gazing at its image and longing to be on its beaches. 

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