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Sculpture Services

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Sculpture services are offered by many art foundries around the world.  Bronze casting is a common part of the sculpture services that are offered.  Many also offer organic burnouts and portraits in bronze.

Bronze casting services generally include any portion of the process of which the artist is in need.  To move from start to finish, an artist first provides a maquette on which to project the actual costs and details.  A maquette is a small scale model of the intended final product.  The estimates can usually also be made using pictures and dimensions. After costs are agreed upon the work proceeds to the rubber mold stage.  Next, a wax model is created that is invested with a ceramic-shell.  The bronze is poured into the shell, cooled, and the shell removed.  The final piece is the patina.  This chemical application that reacts with the copper in the alloy produces color on the surface that helps define the edges and shape of the piece.  The finished product is waxed with a protector against oxidation of the surface.

Organic burnouts are now offered by some sculpture services.  This gives the artist the ability to use naturally occurring items in their own creations.  In this process, great care must be taken to insure that all the organic material is sealed and sprued appropriately.  The burn must be thoroughly cleaned so that no carbon or debris remains that would interfere with proper casting.  This unique type of casting does have limitations, so an artist must be sure to check with the foundry about feasibility before making definite plans.  These creations are very useful for natural history museums.  They also make lovely additions to a homes collection or art by representing the outdoors in an almost everlasting form.  The natural decays relatively quickly, but the cast piece lasts for centuries.  In this way samples of nests, seeds, leaves, and other outdoor items can be recorded in three dimensional pieces that scientists and nature lovers can reference for hundreds of years to come.

Another form that is very popular is that of portraits in bronze.  These three-dimensional masterpieces preserve the memory of loved ones. They are also used to pay tribute to famous or heroic people.  Their visual presence in museums helps people to imagine the person's character and understand his contribution to history of art sculpture.  The details of their appearance as well as their spirit is captured in this enduring casting type.  This is especially important to families who are wishing to keep the memory of a significant loved one alive through an artistic representation.  Many sculpture services offer these busts.  Some  contract with artists who can help make these visions of people a reality in bronze for the customers.  The process for the development of this artwork follows several steps.  The scale, style, and costs must be worked out and agreed upon before the work is begun.  The artist works off of a picture or model to produce the piece.  It is then presented for the customer's approval before pouring.  The final product is a masterpiece that permanently records the life of an individual for generations to come.

The process for casting images is a refined, precise art form that is well handled by foundries offering sculpture services. 


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