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Repro Paintings Rival Originals

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There are many techniques used to offer reproductions of art and one is repro paintings. Others such as lithographs or giclee offer the collector a copied image of the original work of art.  This is usually signed, numbered, and dated by the artist or the representative and licensed agent for the artist.  However, these are usually a one dimensional copy. It does not have the dimensional qualities, brush strokes, or texture that might be found in the original work of art.  Those wishing to have more depth and authenticity may want to opt for a hand finished work.

Repro paintings are recreated by hand by an artist.  These are art reproductions that are done by another artist, but they are done using paint and brush on canvas just as the original was created.  The result is a masterpiece that is a replica of the original.  This is a masterful way to begin and continue a collection.  These pieces are highly sought after because while they are based on the original, each one is unique because no two copies will ever be replicated exactly the same.  This can help to increase the value of repro paintings. 

One thing that a customer may notice is that this type of copy is advertised as museum grade.  This means that it is a close enough replication that a museum would have it in their exhibits.  It might make someone ask that if a museum has the original, why also have a copy.  A museum might want a close copy of the original for a few reasons.  One reason might be for cleaning purposes.  Most exhibits in a museum are left on display for a limited amount of days.  Even though these displays are climate controlled and protected under glass, lint and dust can still gather.  Often times the originals are taken away to be cleaned, and a replica is put in its place for the time being.  Another reason that a museum might want a replica would be for security purposes.  It is common practice that expensive pieces are often switched out with authentic copies.  This is done so that no one is sure exactly when the real piece is on display, as to thwart a robbery or heist attempt. 

Copies for a museum have to be almost indistinguishable from the original.  If a customer sees museum grade qualities advertised with a piece then they are assured that this hand painted reproduction is as close as one can get to the real thing. 

It takes a skilled and educated artist to be able to duplicate the work of the master artists, and this is why repro paintings are as close to the original as possible.  The brush strokes and colors must be a perfect match to the original.  The light that is captured must be the same.  Every nuance of the work of art must flawlessly mimic the original. 

Many people prefer repro paintings because they are created by hand by an artist, and the end result could fool even the most critical eye. 



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