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Picasso Art in Blue Period, Rose Period and Cubism

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Picasso art is available with many different perspectives and styles. These pieces can be ordered online or through a gallery. Many will offer a wide selection of pieces that can add flair to any personal or office space, and they are lovely to present as a gift.  Each different time period displays a certain personality or trait. One can choose to use that era as the idea for a setting for an entire room, depending on the type of mood it creates or the colors that are used to help portray that era.

Picasso art is often categorized into different periods. Many of his later periods are often debated, but most of the general accepted ones are his work in the Blue Period which is from 1901 to 1904. During this time his paintings are portrayed in shades of blue and a blue green. It is occasionally warmed by other colors. The subjects of this time are of gaunt mothers, children and some of beggars as well. It is believed that he was influenced by a trip he took through Spain and also from the sadness felt from a friend that passed during this time.

There is another period that is titled the Rose Period, which was from the years 1905 to 1907. Picasso art during this time is characterized by a more happy style and is hued with orange and pink tones. It spotlights many circus people, acrobats and harlequins. Then there is the African-influenced period which was one year, from 1908 to 1909. This painting style was influenced by African artifacts. Picaso also experimented with Cubism from 1909 to 1919, specifically analytic cubism and synthetic cubism. During the analytic cubism period the Picasso art is composed of brownish and neutral colors. The synthetic cubism is a further development and marks the usage of collages on a wallpaper pasted type of art. Some of his work is not only composed of paintings but also includes a variety of sculptures as well. Many of the original sculptures are displayed in different parts of the world but have been replicated to fit in any home or office as well.

Galleries around the world display a variety of Picasso's work.  Many of his pieces can be found online. His works have become so well loved that they are often recognized even by those who don’t have an eye for this type of expression.  There are so many different pieces of Picasso art that it can appeal to almost anyone.  Every person loves his work for different reasons. Some find it hard to decide on which is their favorite piece to admire. The talent and hard work can be depicted through each masterpiece and captivates the thoughts and feelings during a specific era. Each painting and sculpture tells a story, and whether someone likes the works from the somber blue period, the more upbeat features from the rose period or one of his magnificent sculptures, there is certainly something that will appeal to every art lover.

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