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Most Popular Picasso Art Paintings

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Few masterpieces elicit the raw emotion, and ignite the imagination like a piece of Picasso art. This Spanish sculptor, printmaker, stage designer, ceramicist, and painter, is one of the most influential figures of that era still prompting the same raw emotion today. Even in the early years of his life, this popular figure showed a talent for the extraordinary whether on canvas or through political theories.

Pablo Picasso art remains popular and increasingly valuable. Major exhibits around the world still appreciate the work of this popular and intriguing figure. These works of art are some of the most highly sought today with Sotheby’s selling Garcon a la pipe on May 4, 2004, for $104 million, a record that still holds true today. The work of this famous figure ranks as the most valuable, and today is considered the topped ranked master painter of all time according to Art Market Trends.

Each stage of life is represented through works put on canvas.  Whether the Blue Period with its somber colors and subjects, or the Rose Period with its cheerful pinks and oranges, Picasso built a reputation on depicting real emotion demonstrated through real life relationships and lessons.

Uniquely magnificent masterpieces play with the imagination utilizing a combination of Cubism, Surrealism, Classicism, and symbolism depending on the period of his life. The truth as seen through his eyes is evident with the often harsh, dark colors placed on canvas. Today, Picasso art is highly respected and appreciated for its realistic depiction of human behavior and nature.

What are some of the most well known Picasso paintings?

La Vie is housed in a Cleveland Museum with its Blue Period overtones. Gaunt figures standing together are evidence of the gloom experienced during this time.

The Old Guitarist is housed in the Chicago Institute, and is more evidence of the infamous Blue Period. A gaunt and twisted elderly man strums on a guitar. Beautifully intriguing with its darkness and thought provoking imagery.

Garcon a la pipe is a transition piece depicting an angelic boy with wings and a halo of roses. This Rose Period piece is popular, and the most expensive piece of Picasso art on the market today.

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon is housed in a museum in New York, and has sharp contrasting lines. The female figures lacking definitive femininity and softness display strong African influence. Pinks and blues play together to generate a piece of artwork that displays both creativity and harsh precision.

Nude Woman with a Necklace is an example of later work created by this artist. The out of proportion body parts of blue stand testament to the oddity and depravity of some individuals. Abstract shapes work together to bring images to life, maybe not in a realistic manner but in the imagination.

Pablo Picasso art is as diverse as the master that painted the many pieces of work that are cherished around the world today. Every piece talks to the soul by allowing the mind to decide what is being said. The gloom and melancholy of the mind can be experienced along with the painter as each piece is viewed anew by the next generation.

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