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"OM" Lori Betz


"OM" Lori Betz
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"OM" is the first painting in the series “Spiritual Journeys”.  Each work has personal meaning to me in my own search for God or spiritual awakening.  The important thing to remember is that it is a journey and I will be traveling this path my whole life, and as I do, I will continue to add paintings to this collection.

OM is believed to be the basic sound of the world and to contain all other sounds.  It is a mantra or prayer in itself. If repeated with the correct intonation, it can resonate throughout the body so that the sound penetrates to the centre of one's being, the atman or soul.  Before the beginning, the Brahman (absolute reality) was one and non-dual.  It thought, "I am only one -- may I become many."  This caused a vibration which eventually became sound, and this sound was Om. Creation itself was set in motion by the vibration of Om.  In this painting, “OM,” she has reached a point of success in her meditations where she can feel the presence of God actually coursing through her.  This begins at her forehead and her eyes and flows upwards. I have represented this flow of energy with vibrant colors of encaustic wax.

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