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When people want to find lithographs for sale, finding an avenue for the purchase is easier than ever.  The internet offers a wide array of choices whether they are originals or prints.  Of course, galleries still have a lot of choices when it comes to new and old artists alike.  Discovering that new talent can be intriguing and fun with a quick stop at a website, or even stopping down on the corner and speaking with an artist can introduce a person to a new favorite.

There are a number of reasons why Lithographic art is so popular today.  Often, an artist will use this medium because it allowed for a type of mass production without the need to hand paint each and every piece in a set or series.  Each piece of work is designed by that particular artist, and often, the artist will personally sign each limited edition piece.  It is easy for an artist to create a 100 piece set of the same piece without the need to personally create each piece.

When searching for lithographs for sale, the purchaser should ensure that the piece was actually designed by the artist.  A good rule of thumb would be to also check and see how many pieces were in that particular set.  Generally, an artist will only permit a set number of pieces before the media is then destroyed or banked for the future.  This makes each piece as valuable as the set total.  For instance, a single created work of art will be more valuable in most cases than one piece of a thousand within the set.

Max Kahn, George Bellows, Grant Wood, Eleanor Coen, and David Hockney are just a few famous artists that have used this medium to the best of benefits.  However, often considered the master of this medium is M.C. Escher.  Known for his intriguing abstract artwork, there are still lithographs for sale designed by this masterful artist.  This process is more than just a popular technique; it is a masterfully brilliant way to ensure those masterpieces will withstand the test of time.

Some popular and famous lithographs for sale include: Vincent van Gogh’s 1882 “At Eternity’s Gate”; Carl Nebel’s 1836 of tortilla making; Ernst Haeckel in 1904 completed a scene of sea anemones.  There are numerous beautiful and unique designs created on this most popular of media allowing for more and better by the artist.

Deciding to purchase art can be a painstaking task for people that demand the best in every aspect of life.  With so much money being at stake when it comes to some works of art, understanding how and when to purchase the best in this medium allows people to make a wise decision that will please for generations.  Artwork is more than something popular today; artwork is the future.

Finding lithographs for sale can be fun and exciting allowing people to appreciate the best in an artist.  Understanding why this is a popular medium allows those novices and professionals to expand a library of artwork while allowing the rest of the world to appreciate the same.

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