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Limited Edition Giclees Can Offer Better Quality

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Many times, clients will ask for limited edition giclee prints.  The reason that they specify this type of process is because the quality of the color and the quality of the paper is much better than what can be found in other types of processes.

Limited edition giclee prints are usually authorized by the artist and signed and dated as well.  This makes them much more valuable to the collectors of art.  There are limited quantities that are available and once they are gone, no more will be produced.  This makes them wildly collectible and highly sought after commodities.  The more popular the artist, the higher the initial price may be for the print.  This fact also makes them more valuable as a collectible over time.  

These reprints usually begin with a few runs of the piece just to see how the color will turn out and what progresses are being made with the reproductive process.  They are then put up for sale.  There is a collectible market for these test prints that are better known as artist’s proofs.  Of course, these are not included in the limited edition giclee print count when the numbering on the prints takes place.

Some limited editions are created as closed end offerings.  This simply means that there are only a specific number of them made and when they sell out, no more will be made.  However, some galleries and printers offer an embellished copy.  Embellished copies are altered somewhat to make each reproduction unique in one way or another.  When this is done, it is not necessary to create a closed end offering.  This also means that each piece is original and none other is like it.  For this reason, the price may be raised.

Limited edition giclee prints absolutely are valuable and collectible when numbered and sold with a certificate of authenticity.  Many times, this type of print will attract people that normally only buy the original pieces of art itself and do not normally collect reproductions of art.

It is the artist or the artist’s representative who makes the decision as to how the limited edition giclee prints will be offered for sale.  It depends upon the artist whether they are sold in a set number of exact replicas or if they will be offered as embellished reproductions with no set number of how many they will reproduce.  It ultimately depends on what the artist is trying to accomplish and how successful that artist has already become.

No matter how the reproduction is created, it is clear that a collector of fine art reproductions can easily acquire a very valuable collection.  This can be done without ever having to purchase any of the artist’s original pieces.  This is perfect for the middle range collector who does not want to tie up a small fortune in art work.  This route would also work for those collectors who would like to have the original but only displays the fine art reproduction for the obvious security and safety reasons.  The original can be safely housed in an area protected from fire, water damage, and theft while still being enjoyed.

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