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Landscape Paintings Offer A Variety

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Many people enjoy landscape paintings because of their variety.  There are so many different types and styles of this kind artwork, which helps it remains a popular art to collect and to give.  Landscape paintings can fit into almost any home décor or business space.  It lends itself to being a very flexible form of artwork.  If someone wants to start an art collection or give a piece of artwork, this type of art is a good choice for those very reasons.

Landscape paintings have been around for centuries.  Many collectors document the beginning back in the Chinese culture during the fourth century AD.  It wasn't until the sixteenth century and after the Italian Renaissance that it made its way in to the Western art world.  During the nineteenth century is when many would say that its popularity started to rise with artists and admirers.  It has remained a popular art form since that time not only by artists, but by collectors and novice art lovers.

If someone were looking at a piece of artwork and trying to decipher what type of art it was, what are some key elements one would find in this type of art?  One would be the view that the artist gives.  Typically, it is a wide view that encompasses a lot of space.  There is also a point of interest, or center, of the piece that draws one’s attention in to the piece.  It may be a mountain, valley, tree, or waterfall.  Whatever it may be, it naturally draws the viewer’s eye to it as everything else fades in the background.  If there are people or animals painted in landscape paintings, they are there to indicate the scale in which the artist is drawing or to evoke an emotion from the viewer.  They are typically drawn as if they are looking inward, which helps keep the viewer engaged in the art.

There are very popular and well known landscape paintings and artists.  Claude Monet is one of the most popular artists worldwide.  His piece called “Water Lilies” is undoubtedly the most reproduced and well known example of this art.  It is hanging in art museums all over the world.  Its reproductions are hanging on the walls of many homes and businesses as well.  Two American artists that are well known for this type of art are Thomas Cole and Frederic Edwin Church.  One of Thomas Cole's most recognizable pieces is the “Last of the Mohicans”.  Many of his pieces focus on the American wilderness as well as the different landscapes that make up the country.  Frederic Edwin Cole focused much of his artwork on natural scenery adding elements of spirituality to them.  He traveled far beyond the borders of America and painted beautiful pictures depicting what he saw.  One of his most notable pieces pertaining more to this part of the world was “Niagara”.  This was drawn from the viewpoint of the Canadian side of the falls, and is still considered to be one of the most famous portraits of the Niagara Falls ever done.

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