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Irish Landscapes Paintings Capture Unique Views

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Aspen Trees Oil Paintings - Lori Betz
Aspen Trees Oil Paintings - Lori Betz
Falling Water
Falling Water

Artists like Mary McSweeney (20th century) and John Henry Campbell (18th century) have been producing Irish landscapes paintings since they were young.  The beauty found within the historical, picturesque countryside plays a huge influence on the brush strokes swept across each canvas piece.  Ireland, rich in culture, is a backdrop for many painters to capture the wildness of the hills or the dynamic and charming views of the coastlines rushing out into the Atlantic Ocean.  

Irish landscapes paintings eloquently capture the diverse countryside.  There are many castles that pepper each corner of the country, in ruin or fully restored, that play a big part with many of the artists’ pieces past and present.  Places like Blarney Castle constructed in the mid 1600's, the Donegal Castle built in the 1400's, or the Kilkenny Castle erected in the early 13th century have many stories to tell.  This laid-back corner of the world, Ireland, draws artists in from all over to capture its history on canvases for all generations.  The very fabric of this country can be seen and heard through the essence of the art.  They are visual stories.
Another favorite for artists is depicting the Irish landscapes paintings through the countryside and its many waterways.  Not only is Ireland an island, it is home to more than 9,000 miles of rivers and around 800 lakes.  One of the most noted rivers, the River Shannon, is the longest on the island at 240 miles in length and has three lakes along its course to the Atlantic Ocean.  The Shannon is said to rise from the Shannon Pot, a small lake formed on the slopes of Cuilcagh Mountain in Northern Ireland.  There are many historical points along this river that attract visitors and artisans alike.  The defeat of the Limerick Vikings to those of the Dublin happened on Lake Lough Ree in 937 A.D.  Jacobites were defeated in 1690 at the Battle of the Boyne near Drogheda.  Jan Wyck painted a scene from this battle in 1693.  There are many spots along this river that can be seen through the various pieces of art works painted over the past 600 years.  The Emerald Isle is a great place to create pieces of art using the many different facets of life and community.  Irish landscapes paintings can encompass herds of sheep, rocky farm lands, or winding country roads.  The simplicity of life and family can easily be found through the eyes of the artists that have lived or visited this beautiful country.

Lighthouses are another draw to artisans for their Irish landscapes paintings.  Since Ireland is an island, there are dozens of lighthouses to draw inspiration from.  They seem to have a magical mysticism about them.  The spectacular wave displays, the ominous cliffs, and the majestic, awe inspiring beacons are transformed onto canvas for the whole world to enjoy.  Some will even show the hump back whales playing in the ocean.  Some will show the ominous cliffs in the foreground and the beautiful beacon off in the distance guiding the hard working sailors to safety.  Hook Head Lighthouse is a popular spot for artisans to create their masterpieces.  This beacon is the oldest operational lighthouse in the world, being over 800 years old. 

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