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Impressonist Paintings Are A Highly Regarded Art Form

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Harmony and Peace
Harmony and Peace

Once considered a violation of popular academic art, impressionists paintings are one of the most highly regarded art forms today. Brush strokes became the primary focus over traditional contours and lines. The art style was often completed outdoors using real life models that were often in movement. Each piece of artwork captured a specific moment in time. Composition displayed the movement and immediacy of a particular moment capturing the moment in time on a canvas medium.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir created many impressionists paintings such as Girl with a Hoop, On the Terrace, Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette, and Girl Braiding Her Hair. Later in the artist’s life, rheumatoid arthritis tried to rob the artist of the ability to create beautiful masterpieces, but after moving to warmer climates, Pierre- Auguste Renoir continued the artist movement even with the wrapping that continually bound the hands to stop irritation of the skin.

Of course, Pierre-Auguste Renoir was close friends with another popular artist: Claude Monet. Both are considered fathers of the Impressionism movement and offered a number of classical and unique impressionists paintings to the world.

Monet was as much a philosopher as an artist, and as such, each piece of art is a realistic view of the moving world. By utilizing unique styles and depicting the effects of light, a unique artist style was born. Rapid brushstrokes and broken color led to the style enjoyed by the world. Of course, masterpieces such as The Woman in the Green, Poppies Blooming, Pheasant, The Boat Studio, and Rue Montorgueil are true evidence as to why Claude Monet found a place in history.

The style is a part of popular culture with its thick and short brushstrokes used to capture the subject’s essence instead of the fine details. Mixing is not as important and the colors are generally painted in a side to side motion leaving behind a brilliantly vibrant finish. The viewer’s own eyes actually blend the colors, making each viewer stop and think, drawing attention to the masterpiece. To get minor blending, colors are applied to the wet colors underneath, mixing the colors naturally instead of waiting for the previous layers to thoroughly dry.

In addition, many impressionists paintings are designed using colors that have been created by the artist instead of relying on the premade colors. This allows the artist to actually handpick the exact colors needed instead of blending a variety of colors to get that perfect shade needed.

Impressionst artwork was discovered, so to speak, around the same time photography was starting to gain in popularity. Cameras were becoming more portable and cost effective allowing the artistic expression to find a home in photography instead of the paintbrush and canvas. However, the artists found something special in this art form that could not be duplicated with a camera. By capturing the very essence of a scene, the artist depicted a realism undeniably unique and seen through the eyes of the artist.

All impressionists paintings are a true look at reality, forcing the viewer to appreciate the moment and study the scene to get the smoothness and blending necessary for piece and tranquility.

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