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An Impressionist Artist Produces Unique Works Of Art

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Harmony and Peace
Harmony and Peace

An Impressionist artist produces some of the most unique works of art in the world.  No other style of paintings is like these.  Whether a person likes it or not, they can more than likely identify it among the others.  There are several well known names that painted this way, but only two are pretty much known around the world by everyone.  Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gough are two people that epitomize an Impressionist artist.  The late 1800’s was when this style of painting came about.  It caught on very quickly around the world.  The period may be over, but the mark it made is forever.  It is still one of the most sought after styles of paintings. 

The reason this style has been named this is because of a painting done by Monet.  The piece was called “Impression Sunrise”, and it gained attention quickly among the critics.  It was so well respected that one critic dawned the name of the entire genre because of that one piece.  The name stuck as the movement became more popular.  Monet was dubbed as the father of Impressionism due to the painting.  Monet focused on the lighting when he painted.  Many of his works include the same setting but at different times throughout the period of a day.  Monet was a master as making the same subject look like a totally different picture all together just by adjusting the light. 

What started as a small group of men wanting to express themselves in a different way through art became a craze.  At that time, nothing of the sorts had been seen.  It was like a breath of fresh air to everyone who enjoyed paintings.  This small group stuck with one simple guideline when doing their work.  They were tired of all the dark, depressing paintings that they have been seeing for years.  They wanted to show everyone that pictures could be lively and fun.  Their mission was to use bright and happy colors.  There were a plethora of combinations that they come up with for colors, so why would they want to use black or other dark colors?  So, to become known as an Impressionist artist, one would have to throw out those dark, sad colors.  Renoir took this rule seriously.  Renoir made it a point to never use black in his paintings.   

To an Impressionist artist, the color and emotion of the paintings were more important than the actual image depicted.  Instead of getting every detail they could on their subject matter, they would use smaller and lighter strokes of the brush.  From a distance, a person could see the wonderful picture that was created, but up close, one could see the small brush strokes rather than a detailed face or flower. 

There is an exception to every rule, and Van Gough was the exception to the stereotypical Impressionist artist.  Van Gough’s paintings were still renowned all over the world, but he did use darker colors and subject matters.  While most of the people painting this way depicted fields of grass or women and children, Van Gough chose a man screaming.  He was the eccentric of the group.  Despite the darker tones, the paintings were masterpieces.

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