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Handmade Reproduction Paintings

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Harmony and Peace
Harmony and Peace

Reproduction paintings, or repro paintings, are handmade replicas of original works of art. They are crafted by professional artists mimicking the authentic piece to a ‘T’. The reasoning behind creating copies of the artwork is to broaden the market to include everyone’s price range. The reproduction paintings are done carefully, using a dot-matrix pattern to get every detail exact. They are not the same as prints, which are printed off of a computer screen. The duplicates are all crafted by hand, and are usually drawn onto a thin, stiff type of canvas. As identical as the replica is to the original, they are easily differentiated between.

Reproduction paintings have certain characteristics that expose its differences from the original. For instance, the duplicate is commonly colored onto a piece of cardboard, paper or fiberboard. In a corner, there should be copyright information transcribed in small type. Though the use of canvas presently is rare, the canvas reveals the even layers from the copied piece. The original work would have many uneven layers, as the artist makes mistakes and corrects them. Upon closer inspection, the viewer is even able to see the dot matrix utilized for detailing.  These are minor differences, which are well worth the affordable cost of these replicas.

The largest advantage is the affordable price of these doubles. Art collectors, as well as people who just like the picture, are able to spend a smaller amount to purchase their own work of art. The reproduction paintings also appreciate in value just like the original piece. This means that every year, the replicas worth increases by a certain percentage. This percentage can be as high as 20% a year. Some people use this as a nest egg, planning to sell the piece to a museum when they decide to retire. These works are produced with certain tools and licensing.

The artist’s utilize a dot matrix to fully recreate the image from the masterpiece. This means an array of dots that follow the shape of the picture. The artist follows these dots to fill in the portrait, as it allows them to get every little detail exact. The artist usually covers the matrix with egg yolks to give the appearance of oil paint. This lends a little more authenticity to the duplicate, allowing the owner to feel like they had the real painting in front of them. Many collectors feel that replicas can be more perfect than the original is.

Professional artists work hard to recreate the most famous artworks to sell at an affordable price. These reproduction paintings are exact replicas of works such as Starry Night, by Van Gogh, and At Les Petit-Dalles, by Claude Monet. The artists use methods, such as the dot matrix, to make it easier to copy the images as closely as possible. The works are all meticulously crafted, each painted carefully by hand. People purchase these pieces for a variety of reasons, such as creating a nest egg or just to have a piece of beautiful art. Many people who consider themselves art collector’s care for each framed piece separately just as if it were the original.

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