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A Giclee Canvas Print is Extremely Popular Today

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In the world of art, there are many popular avenues of getting the best image to the person, and Giclee canvas print and replication is extremely popular today.  Of course, understanding what Giclee canvas print means and how it affects the image or photo is going to help the average Joe understand why this medium is so very popular with fans around the world.  Deciding on a medium is often nothing more than a personal choice decided by each individual, but this is a medium that offers more to the individual and to the artwork.

How does this medium work?

Unlike traditional mediums of reproducing artwork, this popular medium does not use traditional ink presses or dot presses.  What this means for the artwork is an image that does not have dots.  After all, how many artists produce artwork where upon closer inspection, tiny dots create the artwork?  Instead of the common dot patterns generated by mechanical devices, this medium has a realistic look and feel because the image is air sprayed onto the piece.  This is definitely more popular for art lovers.

Are the printers going to use the same inks as those used by people at home?

No.  This is where this medium really excels.  The special inks are ultra-fast drying inks.  With a lifespan of around 25-years, a Giclee canvas print is going to stay around for a long time holding true to the color.  However, the color only holds true if properly maintained.  Proper maintenance generally means keeping the image out of the sun.  Using window films is a great idea negating or reducing those harmful UV rays.  Having a great piece of art is an investment, and protecting that investment is important.

What kind of paper is used for this new medium?

Any type of paper can be used.  However, many folks like to use realistic pieces for a nice replication.  While any type of paper can be used, a lot will depend on the preference of the art viewer.  Keeping an open mind can mean having a great baby picture on a shirt for Grandma or Dad for Christmas.  There are endless possibilities with each possibility offering something to the art lover.

Can a Giclee canvas print be created by the artist?

Absolutely.  Many artists today enjoy making a single scan and having an endless number of prints.  However, the larger the number of authentic images or photos, the less valuable that particular image becomes.  While there are exceptions to this rule, it is generally the rule of the supply and demand.  But many people invest in an image because it is a liked image not because of the value.

There are a multitude of artist capabilities brought to the world today thanks to the advances in technology.  Artwork is more available for the masses allowing just about anyone to enjoy and appreciate artists that may have been out of reach financially in decades past.  A Giclee canvas print provides opportunities for everyone to enjoy and appreciate some of those valuable images and pieces of art that may not have been in the realm of possibility a decade ago.

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