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Foundry Services

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Betz Gallery is expanding their services to include a full line of Foundry Services for Sculpture. “As an artists, it was hard to find quality foundry services,” said Betz Art Foundry owner, Lori Betz.

Foundry services will include the following areas of expertise:

Mold Making: The process that creates the pattern for the sculpture. It is often made out of wax but wood plastic and metal are also used. Designs can be as simple or complex because molds can be a two part molds. Split pattern molds consist of a top section that is called a cope and a bottom section called a drag.  Both mold types, solid and split pattern, have a core that is inserted to complete the mold. This is an important part of the molding process because it creates cavities and angles and we pay great attention to those details.


Lost Wax Casting: This is the process in which the artist sculpture is cast into metal. This process allows very detailed sculptures to be created depending on the skill level of the carver.  Often artists learn how to do the Lost Wax Casting because it allows them to refine and correct any elements of the mold. This is a process that dates back to ancient times, yet is still in use at any modern art foundry.



Bronze Patination or Distressing: This process allows bronze to be tarnished through chemical or oxidation process. The bronze is often colored though a serious of oxides and carbonates that are formed on the surface.  As these particulates accumulate, the surface colors changes. The chemical process, or patination, has our statues covered until the desired affect is achieved.  


Project Consultation:  Whether needing a commissioned statue, or sculpture that is needing to be cast, our foundry services include on staff sculptures to help complete a project of any size. For a free consultation to discuss the project, please click here to contact us.


For more details on our new foundry services please visit Betz Art Foundry.

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