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"Fall Into Color"

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LeeAnne Domangue was born in Philadelphia, PA.  She lived there and was educated there until receiving an Accounting Degree and moving to Houston at age 23.  LeeAnne currently resides in The Woodlands, TX.

LeeAnne always had a love for creative writing and poetry.  She began dabbling in painting about ten years ago.  LeeAnne is a self-trained artist and has been selling her artwork for  6 years.  Her pieces are generally contemporary, both abstract and figurative.  LeeAnne’s mediums are Oil and Acrylic, using traditional canvas as well as wood panel. She loves matte and glossy finishes, and is recognized for her use of texture. 

Experimenting with different application tools and resin coatings for some works have shown the nontraditional approach to art, and an updated look that can be eclectic, and a beautiful addition to any style of home décor.  Color is the key to the movement and feel of her work. Because of her love of writing, naming the paintings has been key to each piece to bring in to life.

LeeAnne is currently displaying work in the Betz Gallery in Houston.  Her paintings are also represented in the home staging of major Houston design groups such as the Jane Page Design Group, who also offer her work to their clients.  LeeAnne has done commissioned work which includes personal work for Houston art world consultant, Maura Pauro with the Laura Rathe Gallery in Houston. 

LeeAnne has showcased her paintings in several Houston and Woodlands area restaurants for over four years. Her work has been purchased for both residential and commercial enjoyment.

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