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Decorative Art

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Aspen Trees giclee reproduction painting by Lori Betz
Aspen Trees giclee reproduction painting by Lori Betz
D'ete Jaune Lori Betz
D'ete Jaune Lori Betz
Fossils Lori Betz
Fossils Lori Betz
D'ete Rouge Lori Betz
D'ete Rouge Lori Betz
Blue Summer Series Lori Betz Original Oil Painting
Blue Summer Series Lori Betz Original Oil Painting
Bhagavad Gita figurative women oil giclee reproduction painting by  Lori Betz
Bhagavad Gita figurative women oil giclee reproduction painting by Lori Betz

Decorative art is a very vast category of beautiful items often found in art galleries that includes many things.  While most people often think first of oil paintings as decorative art, it also includes things such as furniture design, interior décor, statues, jewelry and even some types of designs for products would be considered this.

Tapestries fall into this category.  These can be made of many types of materials such as cotton, satin, linen or wool.  In the early days, these were used for everything from the upholstery on furniture to different types of coats and other cloth items.  Now one very popular form of tapestry is the picture that is produced on the material for display purposes usually in the interior of a home or office.

This style can also encompass objets d’ art that are ornamental and made of materials such as ceramics.  Many times these pieces are found in homes that are composed of like materials.  Some may be statuettes of animals or people while others may be meant to reproduce everyday items that are seen in and out of the home. 

Many types of metalwork are also deemed decorative art.  This can be anything from jewelry to armor that was once used in battle but is now used for interior enhancement purposes.  Items made from precious metals such as gold or silver also fit into this category. 

Many beautiful glass pieces are included as well. This type of work has been well known for years in the world of decorative art. 

These items were part of the everyday life of the people in years gone by.  Because these items were status symbols denoting one’s wealth and membership in an elite group of the society, complete and detailed records were kept of each item that a person owned. This record is known as the item’s provenance.  Through these records, individuals left behind a very finely formatted definition and view of what their lives were like. These items represented their status because unlike today, there was no way to own something objects that were valued for their beauty and rarity if one was not wealthy or born into a specific class of people.  Therefore these items were only attainable by the lucky few who could afford to purchase and possess them. 

These items could be purely ornamental or they could be functional parts of the household.  If they were functional they more than likely they would need to be a bit more muted than their ornamental counterparts that could be designed to be exaggerated and distorted for expression and impression.
Many people would say that all articles that fall into the crafts category should also be defined as decorative art.  These crafts would involve anything that required the trained eye of a skilled tradesman or artisans such as goldsmiths and blacksmiths.  Thus, if the craft itself requires specialized knowledge or specific training then it should be added to this category. No matter the definition, many of these beautiful pieces can be found in museums and galleries across the country. Like paintings and other works of art, prints and reproductions of them are usually available so these beautiful objects can now grace anyone’s home.

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