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"Corum Deo" Lori Betz


"Corum Deo" Lori Betz
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"Corum Deo"  is the fourth painting in the series “Spiritual Journeys”.  Each work has personal meaning to me in my own search for God or spiritual awakening.  The important thing to remember is that it is a journey and I will be traveling this path my whole life.  As I do, I will continue to add paintings to this collection.

Coram Deo literally means “before the face of God.”  It carries the notion of our living in the presence of God, under the authority of God and to the honor and glory of God.  It is what each person was designed for by their Creator.  I show the universe unfolding behind her and creation unfolding in front of her, and in the midst of this, her face shows a look of reverance.

Often people tell me that the woman in this painting looks just like me, but I did not consiously choose this model with that in mind.  I think that the image evolved that way as I painted her.  I have included here a picture of this painting as it was being created in my studio so that you can get an idea of how the painting changed from start to finish.

This is an original work. We also offer a full line of Giclees

"Corum Deo" Lori Betz

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