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Contemporary Paintings In Stages

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D'ete Jaune Lori Betz
D'ete Jaune Lori Betz
Fossils Lori Betz
Fossils Lori Betz
D'ete Rouge Lori Betz
D'ete Rouge Lori Betz
Blue Summer Series Lori Betz Original Oil Painting
Blue Summer Series Lori Betz Original Oil Painting
Cave Drawings Lori Betz Original abstract oil painting
Cave Drawings Lori Betz Original abstract oil painting
Abstract Painting E. Jarvis
Abstract Painting E. Jarvis

One of the most common questions that always seem to find its way into a conversation on art is, “What exactly are contemporary paintings?”  The good news is that there is nothing wrong with asking questions.  With all the styles and types of artwork out there today, it is advised that if there are any questions, by all means, fire away!  By asking even the most common questions, more people are learning to appreciate the world of fine art.

Often contemporary paintings and modern paintings get confused from one another.  Truth be told, they do have a lot of similarities.  However, there is a timeline for this style of artwork.  Contemporary art is considered a genre of artwork dating from about 1960 or 1970 to modern day.  This genre will continue because the artwork is always evolving to include common pieces designed in recent times.

Modern paintings tend to include a variety of impressionistic styles from the late 1800 to about 1970, when the other type of artwork takes over.  Romanticism, Tonalism, Neo-impressionism, and realism are all examples of modern artwork.  However, there are some important characteristics that tend to go along with the time period and are more a deciding factor on style than a date.  Modern art is a point in time where the artists could (1) use real life situations, people, and social issues in the artwork, (2) freely listen to those inner visions that led to the masterpieces so enjoyed today, and (3) use a variety of innovations and experiment until the artwork was perfected.

Styles of contemporary paintings found today would include:


Funism, Thinkism, Classical realism, Street Art, Virtual Art, Videogame Art, Superflat


Stuckism, Bitterism, Tiki Art, New Leipzig School, Lowbrow, Toyism, Artefactoria, Massurrealism, Net Art, Bio Art, Digital Art, Maximalism, Tactical Media, Young British Artists, Cynical Realism


Neo-pop, BritArt, Graffiti, Multiculturalism, Neo-Geo, Neue Wilde, Figuration Libre, Appropriation Art, Mail Art, Transgressive Art, Soung Art, Transhumanist Art


Transavantgarde, Muhlheimer Liberty, Nuovi Nuovi, New Image Painting, Demoscene, Neo-expressionism, Neo-conceptualism, Yunnan School, Feminist Art, Post-modernism, Funk Art, Photo realism, Body art, ASCII art


Happenings, Washington Color School, Nouveau Realism, Neo-dada, Conceptual Art, American Figurative Expressionism, Fluxus, Lyrical Abstraction

One thing all of those types and styles of art have in common is that they are all still highly utilized and recognized today.  In the future, that may become untrue as this fairly new style makes way for even newer styles.  Before long, there will be a whole new genre of fine art breeching its way onto this list of contemporary paintings.  No list can be complete simply due to art being completely subjective, offering different styles for different tastes and preferences.

In the world of contemporary paintings there is a lot to enjoy and appreciate.  As the present finds itself quickly turning into the past, new styles of art are being discovered and enjoyed all the time.  Having just one favorite is not always as easy as it may sound.  Just as subjective opinions change, according to the opinion of the viewer, art’s interpretation changes with that subjective opinion.

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