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Classification of Contemporary Canvas Artwork

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D'ete Jaune Lori Betz
D'ete Jaune Lori Betz
Fossils Lori Betz
Fossils Lori Betz
D'ete Rouge Lori Betz
D'ete Rouge Lori Betz
Blue Summer Series Lori Betz Original Oil Painting
Blue Summer Series Lori Betz Original Oil Painting
Cave Drawings Lori Betz Original abstract oil painting
Cave Drawings Lori Betz Original abstract oil painting
Abstract Painting E. Jarvis
Abstract Painting E. Jarvis

Most in the gallery world would describe contemporary canvas artwork as any type of canvas art, generally a painting. that has been done since World War II.  Others would argue that it is the type of artistic paintings that has been done during one’s lifetime.  All styles today have had influence from artists in the past.  Past painters have left those in the present with all of the different variations that they combine to use to project their vision with a paint brush.  The finale is a beautiful painting that can be enjoyed for many years to come. 

Contemporary canvas artwork is hard to classify except to say that it is defined as the postmodern style.  While it may not fit into one category like many of the past, there are many different types of movements involved in its evolution.  A few examples are:

·         Post-Modernism

·         Ugly Realism

·         Feminist

·         Yunnan School 

·         Neo-Conceptualism

·         Neo-Expressionism

These are all movements that have developed between the early 1970s and today.  As one can see, contemporary canvas artwork encompasses many different genres.  Some involve distorting the reality in a way that it is still easy to see what the subject matter is, but in a contorted ligh, as in figurative art.  Some involve using abstracts as a means of expression, as in abstract paintings.  There are many different types of paintings to choose from that have evolved during the last forty years. 

The artists who are included in this modern type of style also tend to produce a lot of paintings.  That is why there are so many different types available.  There are also many different types of prints available of the original pieces. 

Contemporary canvas artwork will be very durable because the material that is painted is first treated with gesso so that it will hold the paint and will not break down.  This is especially important because people want these pieces to remain beautiful throughout generations so that they can be handed down.  The final product can be decorated with custom framing in a very personalized type of frame or it can be gallery wrapped.  The gallery wrap simply means that the material is wrapped around the frame so that the painting is exposed without being put inside a frame. 

Some contemporary canvas artwork is featured in more than one piece but is designed to be displayed together.  This is seen in a lot of the paintings that are done today.  They can be two pieces or they may even be seven or eight pieces that are designed to be displayed near one another for a more dramatic effect that could not be achieved by making the image all one piece.  This is often found in offices, corporate buildings and in homes. 

This is a great way to add a lot of style and sophistication to any space.  The right painting can not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also inspiring.  It can be a visual oasis from the everyday routine, whether it is in the home or in the office.  It’s a wonderful way to add to the interior décor of any room.

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