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Canvas Giclees Are Perfect for Home or Office Decor

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Heres the Church figurative canvas painting by Kathryn Fincher
Heres the Church figurative canvas painting by Kathryn Fincher

Utilizing some of the highest quality printing methods known today, canvas giclees are reproductions that offer an almost exact copy of the original. While there are many types and styles of reproductions on the market today, this form of artwork is ideal for those on a budget. Whether purchasing canvas giclees, or an art canvas reproduction, for the home or office, these works act as a nice addition to any collection, allowing the viewer to appreciate fine art at a lower cost.

Price is often determined by the medium on which the painting is printed. For example digital paper is less expensive than artist grade paper, and artist grade paper is less expensive than artist grade canvas. However, the price remains minimal for the quality of the craftsmanship involved. In addition, the digital printer used in the process of producing the prints can affect the price, as higher quality printers are more expensive and costly to maintain.

Finding high quality canvas giclees is not hard due to their popularity and availability. The internet has provided a means of shopping that is uniquely popular and effective. Today more than ever, a product can be purchased from another country that may never have had the same exposure just a decade ago. The internet has introduced a world of potential for art lovers who desire replications of masterpieces for art decorating ideas.

Imagine At The Tee by Roya Azim hanging in an office. The elegance provided is invaluable in making a good impression on potential clients and customers. In addition, the range of color in the artwork provides the perfect launching point in decorating an office professionally and stylishly.

Metro Chic I by Jennifer Strasenburgh, with its stark contrast between reds and blacks, is an example of a piece that would work nicely as the centerpiece in a bedroom or guestroom. Although the coloration is a bit dark for some people, Metro Chic I would be perfect in a modern black and white bedroom highlighted with a touch of red. This affordable option for home décor comes at a low cost allowing more people to appreciate the decorative benefits of artwork.

If a collector is interested in religious or spiritual art, Guido Reni’s Madonna, The Nativity At Night, and Lot and His Daughters are excellent examples of popular reproduced works. Each of these reproductions provides a feeling of spirituality to any room or space. Soft colors are showcased with gentle lines and curves, and canvas giclees retain the same elegance eliciting similar emotion felt with the original. Religion is a popular subject for paintings and the masterpieces created centuries ago have proven just as popular and respected today.

Artwork comes in all shapes and forms, but paintings are perhaps the most easily available. Canvas giclees are a unique opportunity to own a piece of history without that historically high price. The unique ink and printing process used to create these reproductions allows the collector to own a convincing replica of their most desired artworks, otherwise unattainable due to museum or private ownership.  

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