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Canvas Art

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Canvas art is created on a fabric that is traditionally made from either cotton or linen that is stretched onto a wooden frame for display. The use of this medium has been used for numerous centuries, and is still used by artists today to give their work a more classic or historical visual in order to obtain a sense of eloquent demeanor.


Canvas art can be both manufactured and displayed through multiple methods that have been created throughout the decades up until this very day and age. The work can be applied to a medium either by a designer physically creating the image by drawing or painting, or technological innovations can be put into use by inkjet printing an illustration to the desired surface, also known as giclee.


The common linen fabric is generally preferred by professional designers due to the materials higher quality and is used more when creating portraits with oil paints. Even though linen has a better quality, cotton is also a commonly used fabric that has more elasticity then linen and is considered an economical alternate. Canvas art in the Renaissance period of history demanded that the medium be properly prepared so that once painted upon, the texture would not show through the work.


In order to prevent the canvas texture from showing through the paint, a possibly months-long process of coating the bare canvas with white-lead paint and polishing the surface must be executed. This process was extremely vital to canvas art, and the finished surface no longer had a fabric texture or look. Due to the repetition of this process until the desired polish is achieved, portraits painted upon the surface are given a realistic photographic characteristic. Once an artist begins to paint, the smooth surface allows their brush to glide with ease across the plane without leaving a sign of the paintbrush trail, and to flatten the excess ridges a warmed iron is combined with the wet cotton.


The more modern and mechanical making of canvas art  has demanded the use of an inkjet printer for the image production, and two similar yet different methods to do so are called lithograph printing and giclee reproduction. These styles can both use any prepress proof printer to produce a design either onto paper, polyester, flexible aluminum, or even metal sheets, depending on what material the artist wishes to use as a medium for their self-expression. Along with various creation techniques, there are also multiple canvas types that have been made available to artists throughout the world. These include waterproof, dyed, stripe, water-resistant, fire-proof, and printed canvas.


As society continues to evolve and invent new creative materials for the public to use, so shall the art community. By taking what economic evolution provides then simply reshaping, rethinking, and reproducing it in a different form, the imagination along with perspective of on-going generations will proceed to expand. Ground breaking illustrations, sculptures, paintings, sketches, and other fine arts shall be displayed throughout the nations in exhibits or simply in the streets as urban designs.

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    Paintings On Canvas Are Highly Favored
    Paintings on canvas are highly favored because it is a material that is both easy to work with and durable. The surface is very easy to create texture upon because it is made of cotton, making it another reason why artists love working with it.
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    Displaying 1 to 20 (of 20 articles) Result Pages:  1 
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