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Canvas Art Prints

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A consumer has many styles of canvas art prints from which to choose.  Representing several price points, the paintings are an affordable addition to decorum for anybody's budget.  Today's technologies have given everyone a chance to enjoy having a painting in their own home or office.

A unique way to acquire canvas art prints is to find a gallery that will take a personal photograph and convert it into a piece that looks like it was painted.  One of these ways is called Pixel Painting.  For this, Gallery owners hire contract artists who can use a specialized tablet to manipulate the photograph, using a stylus to create what appear to be brush strokes.  This is a beautiful way to capture a portrait, coastal vistas, or a favorite view of nature.  The client can then choose to change the coloring to black and white print, or even give it that old world style by using a sepia tone.

Another way to capture canvas art prints is called replicating.  Commissioned painters are hired to recreate a favorite famous work for a client.  The professional that is hired is done so through the gallery.  The individual is chosen for their skill set of specializing in duplicating an original artist's style.  These commissioned painters can also take a client's photograph and transfer it with oils onto the stretched piece of cotton, using the photo as their inspiration.  The customer can choose to have any genre and style that they wish to interpret the picture through the brush of the painter.  For example, the client may love impressionists paintings.  They can then have their wedding picture recreated using this style. 

Because this is such an affordable option, more and more people are moving away from the traditional framed photograph and enlisting a professional to create an original painting with their photos.  It becomes a very meaningful piece to the client, who creates the pictures and then hires someone else to convert them to canvas art prints.  The client can have the commissioned painter change the photograph just slightly, adding just a few brush strokes here and there to soften it up, or simply to remove red eye issues. They can also have the artist totally recreate the piece, giving it the appearance of a custom oil painting. 

When enlisting a gallery to recreate, pixel paint, or just transfer the photos and make them canvas art prints, remember to ask about sizing and wrapping.  Wrapping a piece will give that picture a three dimensional feel by extending the photo past the edge of the frame itself and wrapping it around the edges. This gives the client the option hanging the piece without the need for a frame.  Although custom framing is still always an option. Sizing can be fun as well.  Maybe the photo is of a landscape or a skyline.  It can then be broken down into three separate pieces to be hung together.  This is a great option for a large wall in a lobby or in the living room of the client's home.




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