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Van Gogh Paintings Are Admired For Their Unique Representations
Van Gogh paintings have been the subject of admiration for their unique representations of everyday life for many years.
Modern Paintings And Their History
Modern paintings are part of the art movement that began in the middle of the 1800s and continued onward through the end of the 1970s.
Paintings On Canvas Are Highly Favored
Paintings on canvas are highly favored because it is a material that is both easy to work with and durable. The surface is very easy to create texture upon because it is made of cotton, making it another reason why artists love working with it.
How An Expressionist Emphasizes Their Work
If you are interested in artists who have labeled or been labeled as an expressionist, then you have a unique and exquisite eye for art. Many places sell art work and pieces to be purchased on line as well.
Decorating With Art On Canvas
Art on canvas is something within the financial grasp of nearly any avid collector. Obviously, a lot of people are not in the financial position to be able to purchase original oil paintings from famous artists to decorate their homes.
What Are Oil Paintings
Oil paintings are a type of artwork using oil-bound pigments.
All About A Sculpture Artist
There are many different types of art and artists, but none like a sculpture artist. Anyone can look around and see all different types of sculptures in many different forms.
Original Lithographs Are The Gold Of The Art World
Original lithographs are like gold in the art world. How many people can afford to purchase an original painting by Van Gogh, Dali, or Picasso? Not a whole lot of them.
Andy Warhol Prints
Andy Warhol prints are very sought after today. However, his career began with his graduation in pictorial design from Carnegie. He then moved to New York City.
Renoir Paintings
From the French man who offered the world its first glimpse of impressionism, we have Pierre-Auguste Renoir paintings. His career began as he painted designs on china at a factory.
Purchasing Canvas Art Reproductions
Artists have been using this material for a long time, but now it is possible to purchase canvas art reproductions. Throughout the years, copies have been made using many different types of techniques.
The Process Of Printing On A Giclee
In the art world, if a collector is collecting art through the process of printing, giclee is a big part of their collection. This process was discovered at the end of the 80’s.
What Is A Giclee Print
A giclee print is a piece of artwork that is created on an ink jet printer. Many artists choose to reproduce their artwork in this way for several reasons.
Canvas Paintings Are Everywhere
Anyone ever having perused the local museum or art gallery has no doubt come across canvas paintings. Someone who is a connoisseur of the arts may even own some of these wonderful works.
The History Of Lithographie
Lithographie is a word derived from two Greek words that mean “stone” and “write.” It is the art of setting an image in stone and then pressing it onto paper and other surfaces.
Van Gogh Paintings
One very famous Dutch artist is Vincent Willem Van Gogh. Paintings that he created often depicted landscapes such as golden wheat fields and beautiful sunflowers and of course his famed self-portraits.
Monet Paintings Introduced Us To Impressionism
Claude Monet paintings are those that began what we know as impressionistic art. This type of art is derived through very miniscule brush strokes that are barely visible.
Various Types Of Abstract Paintings
Of the many types of art that one can choose to collect, some people dearly love abstract paintings. This type of art does not necessarily depict an object like one would see with some artists who give us landscapes and seascapes.
Impressionist Oil Paintings
The nineteenth century gave the world the movement that began the trend of artists offering magnificent impressionist oil paintings.
Finding Oil Paintings For Sale
Oil paintings for sale are available in a wide variety of genres. Quality galleries offer various kinds of oil paintings for sale.
Using Artist Prints
Extensive advancements in technology has allowed for beautiful artist prints to be available in recent years.
The Joy Of Monet Paintings
Monet paintings have enjoyed admiration from art lovers since their conception. His works are enjoyed with as much enthusiasm, perhaps even more, as they were in France and England during his lifetime.
Choosing An Artwork Reproduction
Artwork reproduction can be just as detailed and valuable as the original piece when chosen carefully.
Oil Painting Replicas
Oil painting replicas are a cost effective alternative when considering a fine art purchase. They provide class and sophistication to any décor.
What Are Giclee Prints
What are Giclee prints? Let’s start with the origin of the word itself first. A man by the name of Jack Duganne came up with it to put a label on this type of copying.
What Is A Lithograph
Any large business needs to know the answer to the question: what is a lithograph? In order for a company to produce thousands of brochures, flyers, and manuals, they use this process.
Modern Prints Of Art
Modern prints of art are used by families all over the world today. New technology has made duplicating paintings fast and easy.
What Are Photos On Canvas
If someone has pictures that they would like to preserve, they can opt to have them transferred into photos on canvas.
The Style Of Impressionist Paintings
There is nothing quite like Impressionist paintings. The use of color, the texture, and way they seem to stand out when compared to other styles is what makes them so sought after.
The Past And Present Of G. Harvey
G. Harvey is a renowned artist with many of his pieces being predominately displayed in numerous places in America.
Impressionist Artwork
Giving way to the need to have freedom of expression, impressionist artwork was born. The artistic notions and styles of the period were cast aside and, in their place, was the independence to try new things.
What You Need To Know About Impressionists
Impressionists are defined as those that give you highly accurate depictions of light using colors to describe how that light changes throughout the day.
Canvas Prints Today
While artists have been doing this for a long time, canvas prints are now available in a much different light than they once were.
Information On Reproductions
Reproductions are copies of original pieces or works of art. This can be done by using many different types of methods all which have advantages, disadvantages, and vary in their strength and quality.
What Is A Lithograph And How Is It Made
What exactly is a lithograph, and how is it made? In short, this is a copy of a work of art.
Military Prints Are Works Of Art
Military prints can involve works of art that depict many things. It is easy to find them as reproductions of paintings that captured Admirals, Generals, commanders, officers and many other foot soldiers on the field of battle and in peace time.
Felix Mas Paintings
Owning one of the many Felix Mas Paintings is not only a privilege, but an investment. These precious works have become more and more popular as the art world has discovered the amazing work he has done.
Lithograph Prints Over Time
Over time, lithograph prints have gone through a lot of transition. In the past, they were made by first drawing the image in something that would retain it such as wax or another type of substance that was oily.
What Are Giclee Art Prints
When people see someone advertising giclee art prints, they know that this is a product that was born from cutting edge technology.
The History Behind Horses Paintings
For thousands of years, people have been capturing the images of horses. Paintings in caves and on all sorts of decanters, walls, portraits and the like have been found dating back to ancient Greece.
About Artwork Prints
When a copy of a painting is made, it is considered an impression when creating artwork prints.
The Use Of Giclees
One type of printing that is relatively new to the industry is the use of giclees. This type of print came about as a way to do drafts for the media such as magazines and newspapers.
G. Harvey Paintings
G Harvey paintings are a staple in many American homes as well as Government buildings. He is a renowned artist, not just for Western art or portrayal of cowboy life art, but for American art.
Fine Art Prints Make Great Gift Ideas
Many people enjoy and love to discover and purchase fine arts prints. They love to see the work and enjoy the outcome that these types of services bring. Many wonderful services allow artists to create their masterpieces at a fraction of the cost that most places would charge.
Affordable Art Found at Local Art Gallery
Finding affordable art is a goal of many art lovers. There are many who are interested in enjoying a collection of artwork, custom framing and paintings, however, sometimes the price on them is more than you would like for it to be.
Prints for Sale At Most Local Art Galleries
There are an amazing amount of prints for sale in many art galleries and online as well. Many people come looking for artwork that they can use for their decorative purposes in their home or office.
Fund Raiser for Karen Derr
Fund Raiser for Karen Derr
History of Art Prints
The duplication of work, also referred as an art print method, has been around for thousands of years dating as far back as the Mesopotamian civilization. During this era art was printed upon clay tablets with cylinder seals and gradually advanced as the craft itself progressed.
Lifes obstacles (even breast cancer) can trigger creative solut
What are Expressionists?
Giclee Canvas Prints Defined
Print on Canvas Saves Money on Art
How To Buy Art Prints
The internet has brought endless opportunities to people everywhere, especially for art lovers that are seeking to buy art prints while shopping online. It is now easier than ever to buy prints and not have to do anything more than click the mouse to purchase them, and then have them delivered to y...
Print Giclees provide reproduction alternative
Online Art Galleries offer Choices
In today's new technologically advanced world, it is easier now more than ever to sell and purchase original artwork or lithographs from an online art gallery.
Where to Find Art Prints for Sale
When a person is looking for art prints for sale, they can look in many places. There are, of course, art galleries and stores, auctions, and now there is the internet.
Giclee on Canvas
Giclee prints on canvas make an affordable alternative to
Prints for Sale
We have an amazing amount of prints for sale in our Houston art gallery and online as well. Many people come to us looking for artwork that they can use for their decorative purposes in their homes and offices.
Abstract Paintings Make for Unique Decorating Ideas
Definite unique and great conversation pieces that can be the center of attention for anyone’s room or office are abstract paintings. These pieces are beautiful and can tell a story of their own to each individual.
Oil Painting Artists
Overview of the masters of oil painting.
Canvas Photos Make for Great Gift Idea
Giclee Prints provide Alternative
Printing On Canvas: Methods
Giclee Reproductions Offers Fine Art Altermantives
Botanical Paints Common Oil Painting Theme
Picasso Paintings And Cubism Go Hand in Hand
Art On Canvas
Art Reproductions: An overview
As creative minds have produced various configurations of work throughout history, they have also invented multiple art reproduction techniques in which to achieve their desired designs. Over the centuries artistic utilities have evolved and expanded their uses among the inventive community.
What are Limited Edition Prints
There are various reasons to purchase limited edition prints, and some of those reasons include accommodating one's fine art desires in obtaining authentic replicas. Limited edition prints pertain to an art piece that has a predetermined count of authentic copies released or printed – with no addit...
Monet as the father of the Impressionist Movement
Fine Art Prints
Fine Art Prints provide a quality alternative.
Impressionists Paintings
Picture Frames And Custom Framing
Custom Framing through History
Custom Framing conveniently located in downtown Houston.
Oil Paintings: How to choose
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Wassily Kandinsky
Kandinsky helped define abstract art.
Jackson Pollock
Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso
All About Prints In Giclee Form
You may be familiar with different galleries who sell prints in giclee form. This means that they are not the original works made by the artist him or herself, but they are replicas of the artist’s original creations.
"Le Quatrro" Artist Reception
"Le Quatrro" Artist Reception
Abstract Art: A History
Abstract Art has a long history but rose to prominence after the run of Jackson Pollack.
Fine Art Reproductions
Fine Art Reproductions provide an alternative to the more expensive original painting
Brian Ellison
Brian Ellison
"Cowboys" A Photographic Journey
What is Giclee? Perfect for Interior Designers and Remodeling Co
Giclee Art Reproductions are great for interior design and remodeling and architectural projects.
Contact Me
Contact Information for the event coordinator and art consultant
Art Consulting
Art Consulting with Betz Gallary
Event Planning
Event Planning at Betz Gallery
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