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Allen Brother Sculptures

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Allen Brother Sculptures installed in front of City Hall Downtown Houston, Texas

By Artist Lori Betz


Founders' statues are 76 years in the making after budget cuts in '39. Artist Lori Betz was chosen to create the founding fathers of the city of Houston.  Betz sought to include details that viewers might find interesting as well as historically accurate. For instance, Augustus Allen is holding in hand surveying tools from the 1830's , which is the time period that the two brothers lived in and founded Houston. She also did research on each of the brothers to find out details about their personalities to use in how she represented them.  Augustus Allen was a surveyor so he is dressed in tall boots because Houston would have been muddy back then.  Where as his brother Kirby Allen was more the salesman and he is holding a map of the future city and also dressed in more formal attire. Both sculptures have the seal of Texas carved into their buttons and since Houston was once called the magnolia city, Kirby Allen has a magnolia flower carved into his watch fob.

It's this attention to detail that makes artist Lori Betz's work so wonderful and a great asset to the city of Houston. Creating Public works of art is what I love to do and commission work is the bulk of my business.

  Austus Allen is life sized and stands on the left of the doors to City Hall



















Kirby Allen stands to the right of the doors to City Hall

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