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Abstract Paintings

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Contemporary Abstracts
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Cubist Abstracts
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Landscape Abstracts

Abstract paintings continue to grow in popularity, yet they have a long history that dates back to ancient civilizations.   As the evolution of the abstract continues today, it can be argued that early paintings that lacked a visual reference could be classified as such.

By definition, an abstract painting uses form, color and line, but lacks a visual reference or marker to help define what the painting is about, leaving it open to interpretation.  Conversely, from the Renaissance though the 19th century impressionist movement; art had a frame of references and captured scenes and events. Everything was more figurative in nature. 

This type art and shift was primarily based in Europe. Other cultures were already experimenting with nonfigurative art, but it took through the end of the 19th century for artists to begin looking for alternative ways to express themselves through their art.  The Impressionist movement came to personify this shift from a nonfigurative, nonrepresentational, and non-objective form of art. This also became a move away from what a reality is.

Abstract paintings can be slight variations on reality, what is really seen, or they can be as most people think of them, a total rejection of reality. The changes can be in color, to try and convey a message. It can be in form, which holds no geometric reference to what is really being depicted.  Most modern day works of this nature are total, meaning they bear no resemblance to anything the viewer can visually identify with. Geometric abstracts for the most part are considered total abstracts.

Although early in the 21st century, abstracts continue to evolve, and with the advent of computer and digital art, it adds more dimension to the abstraction process.  The modern abstract paintings also continue to be more contemplative in nature. Oddly however, there is no consensus among artists in the modern age.  The prevailing attitude is there are no fences, no boundaries, and anything goes in the modern age. The beginning of the 21st century has been jam packed with art, which allows the consumer to take their pick and be the art critic.

Maybe there is an irony within this. Abstract intrinsically means to lack form and a reference for reality. It seems very appropriate to apply that to the 21st century, because in the past there was a consensus among artists and there were people doing the same type thing. The Wild West approach to the early 21st century seems to appropriately fit ever-growing popularity of the abstract painting. The modern day movement itself is abstract in nature, and almost defines putting labels on it.  Figurative art does try to re-emerge, as seen in the pop art of the 1950’s, but the battle between the two art styles always seems to be won by the abstract art, where as it leaves a wide open playing field for the artist to convey and offer as their perspective on how they see the world.

The list of artists that do abstracts continues to grow, and it is now one of the more sought after forms of art. It offers more style, color and less structure, allowing it to fit into any décor scene.


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